Mexican Culture 101 – Part III

Mexican Culture 101 – Part III

Part III

Mexican art and literature have had a complex history

There is a wide spectrum of Mayan and Aztec buildings beautifully conserved, together with their traditions and customs. Still, the colonization effects brought also other ideas and technics to the Mexican arts.

It was until after the Mexican Revolution that Mexican arts really started to be developed with their own and unique Mexican accents and identity. Those pieces that were not European, nor native, but Mexicans; like the pieces SOMA shares with the world, that combines, for instance,  the tannery techniques brought by the Europeans, the patterns shared generation by generation by the artists artisanĀ“s families and the commercial design of a perfectly well made purse.

Having said the above, at SOMA, we would be glad to share with you what we believe are the most outstanding Mexican culture traditions and characteristics. Some of them well known around the world and some others only known deeply inside Mexican families.